101 travel tips

Here are travel 101 tips you can take into consideration before and during your travel journeys. Feel free to comment and ask me for more details.

  1. Start traveling. Don’t hesitate or postpone your travels because you don’t know what the future holds.
  2. Pay attention at your personal belongings on the go.
  3. Don’t pack all your money in one place like your wallet. Divide them into different locations (wallet, pocket, zipper, socks …). Then if you got stolen you will still have some cash on you.
  4. It is safer to rely on your bank cards rather than cash.
  5. Travel solo or with someone you get along with.
  6. Go as light as you can and don’t over pack.
  7. Step out of your safe or comfort zone.
  8. Learn some basics and important phrases of the local language.
  9. Taste local and new food.
  10. Try every activity possible ; you may not be able to go back again.
  11. know about the culture and taboos of the place you’re visiting.
  12. Meet new people and make new friends.
  13. Be aware of restaurants and shops opening time, it will be different from a country or city to another.
  14. Buy a Local phone number if available.
  15. Download the offline Google map of the city your are visiting.
  16. Respect law, specially the driving laws.
  17. Book some activities online and in advance, it will be cheaper and time efficient.
  18. Chose your accommodation based on the
  19. Take an extra bank card and cash with you for emergency.
  20. Do not be afraid to use a map.
  21. It is Always helpful to visit the local tourism office.
  22. When you go out, take only what you need with you.
  23. Make extra copies of your passport and documents.
  24. You can ask any hotel staff for information.
  25. Libraries and most cafés have free Wi-Fi.
  26. Keep in Mind that an expensive restaurant will be cheaper during lunch.
  27. Always visit touristic sites during lunch time.
  28. Carry a basic first-aid kit.
  29. Don’t forget your hat and sunglasses.
  30. Remember to take your medicine with you at anytime.
  31. Book flights and accommodations early to get the best price.
  32. Get city attraction cards and transportation pass.
  33. Get good shoes and comfy clothes, you have a lot of walking.
  34. Use points and miles for free travel.
  35. Take a jacket and umbrella, weather is unpredictable.
  36. Eat street food so you don’t miss the culture.
  37. Get travel insurance, accidents happens.
  38. Be respectful and nice to locals.
  39. Be frugal but not cheap. Look for deals and don’t waste money, but don’t miss out on great experiences or walk 10 miles to save a couple of dollars. Time is money. Spend them both wisely.
  40. Always have an extra USB charger.
  41. keep your charged external backup battery with you.
  42. Take lots of photos.
  43. Take photos of and with people.
  44. Wear sunscreen even during winter.
  45. Wake up early so you don’t miss anything.
  46. See your city at night and enjoy the nightlife.
  47. Take extra underwear and socks.
  48. Pre-plan your outfits so you know how to pack.
  49. Forget a bit about home.
  50. Spent some relaxing time at the airport lounge if you have a long layover.
  51. Pay attention to the right adapter for your destination.
  52. Research a little about the city before visiting.
  53. Write down the address of your hotel before you arrive and always keep it with you.
  54. Participate in the traditional and cultural activities.
  55. Don’t pre-plan everything, keep some stuff to the element of surprise.
  56. Don’t waste time, be time efficient.
  57. Enjoy your vacation to the Max.
  58. Keep traveling.
  59. You can go back if you like but always explore new destinations.
  60. Live the adventure.
  61. Invest in a good camera.
  62. Have transportation app downloaded on your mobile.
  63. Google translate camera is helpful.
  64. Visit the local Market.
  65. Drink a lot of water so you can make it during the journey.
  66. Don’t put anything valuable in your back pockets and back packs.
  67. Keep your expensive Smartphone at home, take with you a camera and basic phone to use the app such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google map …
  68. Pack essentials in your carry-on ; your luggage can get lost or delayed.
  69. Mark your bags with an easily recognizable item.
  70. Save your boarding pass and remember your flight number.
  71. know your hotel details.
  72. Be 2 hours earlier at the airport and 30 minutes earlier at train stations.
  73. Don’t be afraid to use a taxi when necessary.
  74. Hire Local Guides.
  75. Always keep spare plastic bags for dirty clothes / shoes.
  76. Learn how to take a decent photo.
  77. Use public transportation. It’s fast, easy and cheaper.
  78. Ask the locals for advice and tips.
  79. Know where the embassy is.
  80. Get your vaccinations if you need them.
  81. Learn the basic geography of the country you are visiting.
  82. If you consider driving get your international driving license done.
  83. Do a packing check-list.
  84. Use night train for your long destination, you will save time and hotel room.
  85. Participate in competitions to win trips, nothing is better than traveling for free.
  86. Get required document ready before your departure.
  87. Check if you need a visa and how long you need to get it done.
  88. Get your schedule ready or use visitacity.com to customize a itinerary of the city you’re visiting.
  89. Don’t think of wearing any jewelry.
  90. Always keep a paper and pen with you.
  91. Store water and snack in your back pack.
  92. Buy interesting local souvenirs.
  93. Don’t only limit yourself to the touristic sites.
  94. Don’t be afraid to explore the hidden gems of the city.
  95. Get your entertain ready with you to kill waiting in airport, planes, and trains.
  96. Be involved in conversations with local.
  97. You can use getyourguide.com to have an idea about the activities you can do in your destination.
  98. use all the transportation available in order to experience everything as a local.
  99. You can use booking.com to book your hotels.
  100. Use airbnb.com to rent a home and experience life as a local.
  101. Explore new continents, don’t limit yourself to one.


Thank you and enjoy your travels with worldtravelines.


The Past and the Future

I would like to share my future travel destinations and places I already visit last few years. You can be the just for that. I would share late the detailed journey of each destination and my travel program for every future journey i am planing in the near future.

Feel free to suggest any destination or to ask about help in your travel plans.

My first trip was a two weeks vacation to Italy, since it was my first ever experience i didn’t book at the time anything on my own. I was with a big tour from my country, and everything started from that day. We visited  many cities in Italy in that trip. after that day i was on different travel journey. I went to Greece, London, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Germany, the Czech republic, Dubai,  Switzerland, Sharm El Sheikh (Egypt), twice to France 3 times to Cyprus and i went again to Italy visiting cities i did not visit in my first trip.

I am planing several vacations soon, I will be watching formula 1 race in Dubai this November. I am going a 2 weeks trip to Spain between April and May. And I will probably spent 10 days of august in Marmaris-Turkey or the Netherlands.

I will share every details with you soon.

Enjoy 🙂

Why do we travel?

Why do we travel?

I Want to start my blog or my travel journey here with a  simple question: why do we travel?

Many may say that we travel to see new places, explore new culture. Most will say that they travel to enjoy something different or try new stuff. But I can confirm that the reasons listed above are only some arguments provided by u us, to cover the main reason we travel for.

I am not saying that we don’t travel to see new places, explore new culture or enjoy something different and new. But, the main reason that we travel for is something related to us or to the direct environment surrounding ourselves. I confirm that we mainly travel or go on vacation to escape the routine of our lives. In fact, by traveling we are out of the routine for sometimes, we can forget about world or what’s happening back home, and we can live stress free for a few days of weeks.

My prescriptions for all of travelers out there is to continue your travel journey around the world, explore new places kill your routine and keep living stress free. And, for the people who never traveled yet go ahead start traveling, escape your routines and distress yourself for sometimes.

Finally don’t hesitate to travel because of financial issues, you don’t have to pay all of your saving in order to go on a vacation. You can always travel and enjoy yourself to the maximum  with a budget as low as you want.

Travel and enjoy the world, don’t limit yourself to one place only while the world is yours.